Terms of Use

Grant of License

This agreement is a legal contract between the buyer (the Licensee) of any of the content downloaded from premium3dmodels.com (herein referred to as “Product”) and Premium3Dmodels (the Licensor). All rights granted to the Licensee are contingent upon the full and timely payment of the license fee to the Licensor. All license rights of any reversed or incomplete sale will terminate immediately without prior notice. The Licensee is responsible for reading and understanding this entire agreement before purchasing any product from Premium3Dmodels.com. By purchasing the product, you agree to be bound to the terms and limitations described herein.

The Licensee is granted a non exclusive royalty-free license to use the Product in commercial projects such as renderings, animations, real time applications and printed materials
The Licensee may not sell, rent, loan, sublicense or otherwise transfer to anyone either neither the entire Product, nor parts of the Product.

Payment and Product delivery
At the moment, the only form of payment is through Paypal. If you don’t have a paypal account yet, you can easily sign up at www.paypal.com.
After the checkout, the customer will be taken to Paypal’s website where the payment will be made. As soon as the payment is completed, the customer will be automatically redirected to premium3dmodels.com, where he will be provided with a download link for each product that he had chosen. The download link(s) will remain valid for 3 downloads during a period of 3 days.

Product format
All the 3d models available for sale at Premium3Dmodels.com come in “.max” (version 9) format, with all the material settings for vray renderer.